Bakra Eid :-

All Over The World Muslims Believe That Once Allah Instruct Ibrahim To Sacrifice His Son Ishmael. Ibrahim Follow God’s Instruction And Sacrificed His Son But In The Last Moment His Son Was Exchange By One Sheep. Bakri Eid Is Also Call  As Eid-Ul-Adha In Urdu. In Arabic Is Call As Id-Ul-Adha. On Sacrificing A Goat Or A Bakri All Muslim Is India Celebrate This Festival By Doing Prayers And Greetings.

About Bakra Eid :-

This Is The Second Islamic Holiday Celebrate All Over World. On This Commemoration, An Animal Is Sacrifice And Divide Into Three Parts Out Of Which One Third Of The Share Is Given To Poor And Needy, Another Third Part Is Given To Relatives, Friends, Neighbours And Other Third Part Is Give To The Family.

Eid-Ul-Adha Fallson The 10th Day Of  Dhu Al-Hijjah, As Per Islamic Lunar Calendar Whereas In International Calendar Dates Many Keep On Vary. The Eid-Ul-Adha Prayer Is Performe At Anytime After The Sun Rises Up Just Before The Entering Into Zuhr Time. The Prayer May Be Delaye On 11th Of Dhu Al-Hijjah And Then To The 12th Of Dhu Al-Hijjah.

In This Auspicious Occasion Men, Women, Children Are Expected To Wear Their Finest Cloth To Perform Prayer. Special Delicious Food Are Prepared On This Day And Served Amongst Family, Friends And Relatives.

The Day Starts With Dressing Up Their Finest Clothes And Head Off Towards Mosque. On This Special Day Muslims All Over The World Recite ‘Dua’ For Their Wealthy And Prosporous Life. On This Day Rich Family Sacrifice One Animal From All Family And Poor Who Cant Afford To Sacrifice Animal By Their Own They Distribute Among Seventy Family And Then Sacrifice One Four Legged Animal

Animal Without Having Any Disease To Sacrifice Considered The Best Offering. Sacrificing Animal Is Popularly Call  As ‘ Quarbani ‘ Can Be Offer At Anytime Before The Time Of Afternoon Of The Third Day.

On This Day Muslims Wish “Eid Mubarak” To Each And Everyone And Exchange Gift Among Among Each Other. All Muslims Take A Visit To Their Relatives And Offer Delicious Food.

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