BARDA HILLS WILDLIFE SANCTUARY: Barda Wildlife Sanctuary Is Located At About 15 Kms From Porbandar Which Faces Arabian Sea. Entire Area Is The Reserve Forest And Had Been Announce As Sanctuary In The Year 1979. Barda Was A Private Forest Of The Ex-Princely State Of Ranavav And Jamnagar And, Therefore, It Is Still Popular As Rana Barda And Jam Barda. The Sanctuary Is Distribute In Two Districts i.e. Porbandar And Jamnagar.

However, This Green Patch Of Forest Avails Ecological Security And Environmental Stability Since It Improves The Water Regime Of The Area By Recharging The Ground Water And Forming Catchment For Minor Dams In The Sanctuary. The Area Supports About 750 ‘Maldhari’ Families. Amongst The Reptiles Found Here, Crocodile And Chameleon Are Rare And Endangere.

The Sanctuary Hardly Has 192.31 Sq. Km Area. The Two MainTemporary Rivers Are Bileshvary And Joghri.The Two Most Important Dams In The Sanctuary Are  Khambala And Fodara.

Apart From This, The Sanctuary Exhibits Great Variety Of Useless  Species Including Variety Of Butterflies.

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