BHADRA FORT HISTORY : Bhadra fort of ahmedabad got a massive door of 22-feet doors at the entrance facing the lal-darwaza. The development takes place when a team from unesco was about to visit for world heritage city status.

The doors of bhadra fort made from valsadi teak by artisans near surat. Bhadra fort is the place which truly reflects the history of ahmedabad. Sultan ahmed shah laid the foundation of this historical fort in the city of ahmedabad. Bhadra fort is believe to have 14 minars, 8 gates, and 2 large openings and the 43 acres is the total area of this fort.

One of the gate of this fort is  lal-darwaza. The famous temple of goddess bhadrakali is right outside this gate. Another gate is known as teen darwaza as it has three arch gates. This gate was provided to give entrance to the bhadra fort.

This fort is no longer the strong as it used to be in its glory days. Islamic architecture is show at its best in the fort. Today the fort is very sorrow but plans are there to splendid the old fort. Tourists can visit at fort anytime but the place is congested so the first time visitors have to be aware.

During the rule of Marathas, the fort establish. Bhadra fort occupies in the top most sightseeing place in ahmedabad. It is bhadra temple for hindus and there flag hoisting occasion takes places . Bhadra fort made of red stones which still stands majestically even today.

It is the belief among the people that once goddess lakshmi visited to bhadra fort to give blessing to sultan and blessed him that your city will stay prosperous and still there is hub and trade mills at ahmedabad.Bhadra Fort is a worth visiting place. one can visit there with friends and relatives. the atmosphere is very peacefull and serene.

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