Bharuch is also formely known as Broach. It comes at the mouth of river Narmada in Gujarat in Western India. Bharuch is the administrative headquarters of Bharuch District. Since the times of antiquity, and its surrounding have been settle. It was a ship building center and sea port in the pre-compass costal trading routes. The route made use of the regular and predictable monsoon winds or galleys.

Bharuch has been the home to the Gujarati Bhargav Brahmin community for the ages. However at present, Bhargav Brahmins have shift towards Mumbai, Surat, Vadodara, Ahmedabad and other countries like USA, UK and Australia. The city has textiles mills, chemical plants, long staple cotton, dairy products and much more.

About Bharuch :-

Gujarat’s biggest liquid cargo terminal is situated here. It is also knwon for its salty peanuts. As ‘Kanam Pradesh’ sometimes Bharuch is refer with. Bharuch was the residence of the Goddess Lakshmi, before Bhrigu Rishi came there, according to the Skanda Purna.  The places at Bharuch to roam around are Nilkantheshwar, Golden Bridge, Kabirvad, Sardar Bridge.  Gayatri Mata Temple, Dashashwamedh Ghat, Guman Dev Mandir Temple, Ninai Waterfall, Kadia Dungar Caves. Earlier it was a port but after the construction of dam on Narmada river it got terminate. It enjoys a nice location on at the bed of Narmada River. From Bharuch, Dahej is the nearest port.

The Arabian Sea on west has a significant impact on  climate of Bharuch which enjoys  tropical savanna climate. Like other city in Gujarat, in Bharuch climate remains comfortable. Summer gets start on the month of March which stays upto June. The climate remains comfortable for most of the year. During summer, in a rare case the temperature goes upto 40 degree.

After summer gets over, Rainy season begins starting from month July and remains till October. After Monsoon season, Winter enters and continues till February. Narmada River can start to overflow during the excessive rains which increase risk of floods. The building of dams help in controlling situation of flood. But flood is always possible in this city during the rainy season. Tourists must avoid planning trip in Rainy Season.


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