Deesa is a city and a municipality in the  Banaskantha district in the state of Gujarat, India. On the east banks of the river Banas, Deesa is situate. Today original Deesa is known as Juna Deesa. New Deesa seems like is also recognise as a Camp Deesa. The British Military Camp named Deesa Field Brigade that built in the middle of Rajasthan and Palanpur to maintain and protect the regions between Abu and Kutch.

About Deesa City History :-

In 1925, Deesa became the Banas Kantha Agency as an estate of Palanpur and was under Palanpuir Agency or Bombay Presidency. Similarly  Bombay State, Bombay Presidency was recognise. First In recent times Deesa is significantly developing due to growth in agricultural produce business of potatoes and other commodities.

The sex ratio of Deesa city is 893 per 1000 males. Places at Deesa to roam are Nani Bhakhar, Hri Manjil Palace, Satrah Sahid Dargah, Darbargadh, Banas dam. Siddhambika Mataji temple is situate at junna Deesa  Siddhambika Mataji is the clan goddess of the Dishaval Vania. Hence There are two jain temples and mosque. By the British in 1824, because a tower known as Hawai Pillar was construct to measure the air pressure. In 2013 it was renovate as a heritage of monument.

With the financial help of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), a centre of All Indian Co-ordinate potato improvement Project was initiate in 1971-72, considering the area under cultivation and agro-climate condition of potato research. Deesa is also call for it’s potato plantation.


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