FIFA 2018 : Federation International De Football Association




In the year 1904, the FIFA was found and overseas. The international competition association of Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. while FIFA is an international governing body of association of body.


Headquarters of the FIFA is in Zurich and established under the Law Of Switzerland. FIFA’s supreme is FIFA congress. Only Congress can make some changes to FIFA’s statues and their method of implementation. Congress holds elections and approve the annual report and decides the acceptance of new national association. Congress elects the president of FIFA and general members of them in the following year of FIFA .


FIFA’s executive is chair by President and the executive committee is compose of 25 people that are: President, 8 Vice President 15 members and one woman member. Finally, It is decided by the executive committee that which country will host about the world cup.

FIFA 2018:-

President and the general secretary are the main members and take the main decision of the body organisation. The staff of 280 members. The current president is Gianni Infantino which is recently elect in 2016 and former president Sepp Blatter is suspend . Most noteworthy, The most powerful organ of a FIFA is Congress. Consequently, In FIFA world cup qualification process was a series of tournaments organise by six FIFA confederations. Likewise, Deciding 31 out of 32 teams which will play in the 2018 FIFA world cup.


The number of teams participating in FIFA in 32 and qualification process began in March 2015. Similarly, All slots and confederation was decide by FIFA executive first on 30th May 2015. In Zurich after the FIFA congress.

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