JETPUR PLACES HISTORY :- Jetpur is situate on the western banks of river bhadar. For a few miles here river bhadar takes a turn towards north. A bridge is also construct on the bhadar river. The bridge is about a mile in from north jetpur among the Rajkot-junagadh highway.


Jetpur is a city of the Rajkot district of Gujarat. Jetpur was under one first state. The revenue of the city was not less than eight lakh rupees (8,00,000). The vala kathis entered in the territory before some centuries. When they conquer chital, the earlier seats was devlia mota. After that they also receive jetpur, mendarda and bilkha. Tarikh-i-sorath, the first nawab of junagadh bahddur khan 1 grant jetpur. Jetpur is said to be belong to former valas. And have conquer from vala champraj by shamskhan. As vala champraj refuse to marry her beautifull daughter to shamskhan that noble sacked kileshvar and take jetpur.

After the war and battle vala champraj and eighteen hundred horses died. It is also that vala champraj himself kill her daughter and therefore shamskhan could not obtain her. As said in the tarikh-i-sorath, the great grandfather of vala champraj name as jetji who founded and named the city as jetpur. In 1980’s, sixteen talukdars were held from descend of vala naja.

There is a famous shree swami narayan temple. Jetpur is also known as textile town. It is very popular for yarn dyeing workshops, block printing and screen printing. It is the major exporter of khanga and kitenge. Jetpur is also very famous for the cotton saree industry. The first textile mill was start by  Local industrialists Gordhandas Karsanji Bosamia and Chunilal Karsanji Bosamia of Jagdish Mills. It is worth visiting place because of you can experience and see the process of printing and dyeing.


Adamjee Haji Dawood, businessman

Savjibhai Korat, politician

Pankaj Udhas, singer

In 2011, the population – 118,302. The languages used are gujarati and hindi.

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