Jhulta Minar is also known as shaking minarets. The secret behind the shaking of minarets is hidden. No onew knows the shaking procedure behind it’s shaking. When one minaret starts shaking, the other one starts shaking with their own way. One minarate is situate opposite sarangpur Darwaza and another one is situate near the kalapur station area.

Minarets History:-

There are three long levels where visitors are once allowed to climb all the way up. Minarate near the railway station is taller in height. However, these days minarates are not so good in condition. Nowadays minarates have left their vibrations and shaking. Engineering and other specialists are not able to reconstruct the shaking minarets.

There is a story behind the two shaking minarets.

Gujarat is one of the better develop road networks in india. Ahmedabad has broad roads and it is connect with all major city’s road. Near kalupur station and paldi their is located prominent bus stops. Kalupur is the main station in ahmedabad. Steps under the minarets are still in use. After one minaret move, after few seconds other minarate start shaking and there is no specific reason behind its swinging. This phenomenon was first observed in 19th century by Monier M. Williams.

The minarates get destroy in 1753 due to war between Marathas and the Khan of Gujarat Sultanate.

Entry in the swinging minarets was prohibit by following the incident of Qutub Minar in Delhi. There is also damage in the upper section of minarates. There is also another mosque like Sidi Bashir mosque that is Raj Bibi Mosque. Mosque with 154 pillars, five domes, five doors and five triblas has intricate designs of superb craftsmanship. you can visit here with the friends and family. the atmosphere is very peacefull and serene. shakling minarets in ahmedabad is very famous.

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