The Kamnath Mahadev Temple Is Within A Large Complex Containing A Pond Named Dudhiyu Talav. Water Well Called Gangvo Kuvo And A Kund – A Octagonal Stepped Bathing Pool Commonly Known As “Mahadev No Kund”. Such Octagonal Kund Are Very Rare. A  King Named Mayurdhwaj Built This Complex Probably During 15th  Or 16th Century. Once The King Mayurdhwaj Was Suffering From Leprosy With Unbearable Burning Pain Over A Long Time. To End His Misery, He Decided To Take His Own Life By Taking A “Jal Samadhi”. So, Renouncing His Throne He Headed Seawards To Drown.

On His Way To The Sea, One Evening He Stopped And Camped At A Spot Near Where Present ‘Kamnath Mahadev Temple” And Kund Complex Stands. After Washing, He Set Down By A Nearby Small Pool Of Water To Wash His Hands And Feet. While Dipping His Feet In The Pool, He Experience Pleasing Coolness And Some Relief From Pain In His Feet, So He Went Deeper In The Pool And Took A Deep. He Was Getting Full Relief From The Pain So Decide To Remain In The Pool.


Attendants Went To Find Him. They Found Him Lying In The Pool. On His Command, They Fetched A Change Clothes From The Camp. On Cladding Them, He Returned To His Camp And Went To Bed. After Many Sleepless Nights, For The First Time He Slept Soundly. As The Legend Further Goes, During His Sleep He Had A Dream In Which He Heard A Voice Saying, “Dig And Build A ‘Kund’ At The Spot Where You Bathed And Got Relief From Your Pain, And Build Kamnath Mahadev Temple Over A ‘Ling’, Whom You Will Find Whilst Digging For The ‘Kund’.” So On Waking Up Next Morning, The King Return Home And Immediately Set About Making Necessary Arrangements For Building A Kund And A Temple As The Voice Command Him.

First, He Got Water Well, Presently Known As “Gangvo Kuvo” Dug. However, It Is A Unique Well Because Water From Kund Was As Sweet And Fresh As That From “Gangvo Kuvo”. Digging For The Kund Followed. According To His Dream As Digging Progress, A “Ling’ Was Found. Therefore, He Arrange To Build An Underground Temple At A Depth At Which The ‘Ling’ Was Found.


The Brahmin Priests Found It Very Difficult To Gain Access And Daily Services As The Temple Was Underground. Once When A Swami Named Bhaashkaraanand Visited This Temple, They Implore Him To Move It To Ground Level. In His Response, The Swami Told Them: “Our Scriptures Forbid Dismantling Of Hindu Temples. Therefore, Normally I Would Not Grant Your Request, But I Understand Your Hardships And Allow Its Relocation. In Fact, This Is Exactly What Happened. A Hand Drawn Picture Of The Swami Still Exists Above The Main Entrance Of The Temple.

There Is A Belief That Bathing In The Kund On Mondays Or On Vyatipat Day Cures All Sorts Of Skin Diseases. Due To That It Is Most Attractive Place For People.

Its A Saying  Regarding This Complex That Is “Dudhiyu Talav, Gangvo Kuvo And Mahadev No Kund , Je Na Naay Te Jeevto Muvo”.  “He Who Does Not Bath At The Kund Is As Good As Dead Or Is A Living Dead”.

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