KARWA CHAUTH 2018 : Karwa Chauth Festival Falls On The Fourth Crescent Moon Fortnight In The Kartik Month. Karwa Chauth Is Celebrate In Northern India By The Hindu Women. It Is Celebrate By The Married Woman For The Welfare And Endurance ( Longevity ) Of Their Husband. Women Keep Fast On That Day From Sunrise To Moonrise. Karwa Chauth Is Celebrate In The States Like Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh Etc.


Karwa Chauth Fast Is Also Kept By Unmarried Women For Acquiring An Appropriate Husband Or For Fiances. Literally Karva Means Pot ( Filled With Water ) And Chauth Means Fourth ( As Fast Is Observe On Fourth Crescent Moon Night Of Kartik Month ). There Is Also One Presupposition That A Soldier Has To Leave His Wife And Go Far Off Places For The War, So For Their Safety Wife Prays To God And Keeps Fast For Their Well Being. Karwa Chauth Also Correspond With Wheat Planting.


Therefore The Prediction Could Be Also Made That Fast Is Kept For The Good Harvest Of The Crops. The Emotional Story Is Also That There Due To Arrange Marriages The Bride May Not Be Aware With The In-Laws And Everybody Being Like A Stranger So A Women Befriends Other Women Who Are Call Dharma Behn Or Kangan Saheli, Who Is Not Particularly Related To Her In-Laws. Kangan Behn Could Be Of Her Same Age Or Bit Elder. It Is Canonize At The Marriage Ceremony Itself. This Psychological Relationship Is Also Equivalent To The Blood Relation. This Bond Of Friendship Is Also Celebrate On The Karwa Chauth Festival.


On The Festival Of The Karwa Chauth It Is Also Say That Before Some  Days Of Karwa Chauth Women Buy New Pots Made Of Clay And Put Some Materialistic Things Like Small Cloth, Make Up Kits, Bangles Etc In Short The Things Related To The Shringar Of A Women And Exchange These Pots On Karwa Chauth. These Pots Are Also Famous As “Sargi”, Which Is Also Give By Mother In-Law Too.


The Preparations For Karwa Chauth Is Start Before Some Days By Women. They Use To Buy Cosmetics, Ornaments Or Jewellery, Some Pooja Items, Henna Mehendi Etc. The Guardian Send Gifts To Their Daughter And Their Children On Karwa Chauth. Women Sit In A Circle With Pooja Thalis And Do The Pooja.

The Song Is :


  • Veero Kudiye Karvara, Sarv Suhagan Karvara, Aye Katti Naya Teri Naa, Kumbh Chrakhra Feri Naa, Aar Pair Payeen Naa, Ruthda Maniyen Naa, Suthra Jagayeen Naa, Ve Veero Kuriye Karvara, Ve Sarv Suhagan Karvara…


  • Veero Kudiye Karvara, Sarv Suhagan Karvara, Aye Katti Naya Teri Nee, Kumbh Chrakhra Feri Bhee, Aar Pair Payeen Bhee, Ruthda Maniyen Bhee, Suthra Jagayeen Bhee, Ve Veero Kuriye Karvara, Ve Sarv Suhagan Karvara

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