Mandvi :-

MANDVI :- It is a town with municipality in the Kutch district in the Indian State of Gujarat. Once, it was a major port of the region and summer retreat for king of the Cutch State. The old city was cover with the fort wall and still it can be seen here. Earlier city has a four-hunderd-year old ship industry, which was began with caste Kharva and still build small wooden ship.

In 1549, the fortess was built by Raoshri Bharmalji. It has 2.7 metre broad and three metre high with five gates, three metre high with five gates, three windows and seven kotha. In 1978, it was distinct that fort will be hand over to Municipality for preservance of it. Later they thought to demolish it but it wasn’t acceptable from citizen. Then court reject the appeals against demolishing in 2001. The fort wall was demolish in two phases except four gates and six kothas which were preserve as protected monuments.

About Mandvi :-

Mandvi is a port which locate where the Rukmavati River meets the Gulf of Kutch.

The climate of Mandvi is tropical. The summers are much rainier than the winters. Most of the industries in Mandvi are small-scale in nature, mainly the areas of Bentonite mining, edible oil production, fishing, traditional ship building, cotton products and household Bandhani, and food-products like, sweets & farshan production.

There are many places in mandvi to roam around like Mandvi Beach, Vijaya Vilas Palace, Topansar Lake, Talav Gate, Sagar Ship Museum, Mandvi Fort, Jinalaya Jain Temple, Kodaypul Crossroads.


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