Onam Is The Origin Of The Kerela State Of India. The Onam Festival Falls In The Month Of Chingam In The Malayalam Calendar And It Is Observed In August-September Month Of Gregorian Calendar. This Festival Is Also Celebrate In The Commemoration Of Vaaman Avatar Of Lord Vishnu And Also To Celevrate The Home Coming Of King Mahabali And Other Folklore Related To Parshurama And Kashyapa.

Onam Is The Major Annual Festival For The Malayalam People I.E. Malayalis . There Are Mainly Three Festival Of Harvest, Onam Is The One Of The Three Festivals Of Harvest Among Vishu And Thiruvathira. Onam Is Also Considered As A Cultural Festival For The Malayalis. Onam Festival Includes Pulikali ( Tiger Dances ), Onavillu ( Music ), Pookkalam ( Flower Decorations And Arrangements ), Onathappan ( Worship ), Vallam Kali ( Boat Races ), Kummatikali ( Mask Dance ), Onapottan ( Costumes ) Etc Celebrations. There Are Four Days Official Holidays Starting From The Onam Eve Which Is Famous As “Uthradom”. Some Non-Hindus Codemn Onam As A Religious Festival.


King Mahabali The Great Grand Son Of Hiranykshipu Came To Power After Subjugating All Gods An Took All The Three Worlds. The Gods Who Were Defeat Went To Lord Vishnu For Complaining But Lord Vishnu Refused To Make Any Violence Against The King Mahabali As He Was A Best Ruler And Devotee Of The Lord Vishnu, Instead Lord Vishnu To Take A Test Of His Devotee An His Devotion. As The King Mahabali  Declared About The Yajnas At His Victory With Gods.

After That Lord Vishnu Got Enlarge And step from Heaven To Earth In The First Step And Than Step From Earth Towards The Netherlands In His Second Pace. Than Due To His Modesty Lord Vishnu Gave Him Imperishability. He Also Got The Permission To Come And See His Citizens. The Festivals Onam And Diwali Is Also A Bit Related To The Return Of The King Mahabali. The King Returns In The Month Of August And September To Visit The Earth.


Lord Vishnu Took The Avatar Of Parshuram Which Is Also Famous As “Rama With Axe” Or “Rama Jamadagyna”. In The Era Of Kaartavirya, Who Maltreated People, Saints Etc. Than Lord Vsihnu Took The Avatar Of Parshuram And Went To King’s Place And Requested To Take The Calf Of Their Cow. But As It Would Be Injustice Lord Vishnu Call Him For War And Than Killed The King. And Then Lord Vishnu Threw The Axe, And Wherever The Axe Fell. The Sea Retreat And That’s How The Coastal Area And Land Of Kerela And Other Western Parts Was Create. So The Onam Festival Is Celebrate For The Making Of Kerela.


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