Shraddha Paksha:-

Shraddha Paksha Lasts For 15 Days. In This Days Hindu Give Respect To Their Ancestors And So Offer Delicious Food. Hence,  In The Lunar Month Of Ashwin Beginning With Full Moon Day In Bhadrapada.  North Indian Purnimant Calendar Period Falls In This Month.


September, 24 – Purnima Shraddha – Monday

September, 25 – Pratipada Shraddha- Tuesday

September, 26 – Dwitiya Shraddha – Wednesday

September, 27 – Tritiya Shraddha – Thursday

September, 28 – Chaturthi Shraddha – Friday

September, 29 – Panchami Shraddha – Saturday

September, 30 – Shashthi Shraddha – Sunday

October, 1 – Saptami Shraddha – Monday

October, 2 – Ashtami Shraddha – Tuesday

October, 3 – Navami Shraddha – Wednesday

October, 4 – Dashami Shraddha – Thursday

October, 5 – Ekadashi Shraddha – Friday

October, 6 – Dwadashi Shraddha – Saturday

October, 7 – Trayodashi Shraddha – Sunday

October, 8 – Sarva Pitru Amavasya – Monday

Pitru Paksh Is Also Call By Pitri Pokkho, Sola Shraddha, Kanagat, Jitiya, Mahalaya Paksha, Apara Paksha. Even More Shraddha Is Consider To Be Inauspicious, In Which They Homage To Ancenstors Call Shraddha Or Tarapan.

Another, It Is Believe That  Spirits Of Ancestors Stays At Their Grandson’s Home For A Month.  Until The Sun Enters Into Next Zodiac. Even More The Performance Of Shraddha Is Compulsory By Hindu’s Son To Ensure That The Soul Reach To The Heaven. There Is No Lifeline Without A Son. Men Are Require To Wear Dhoti During The Rituals Of Shraddha. During Shraddha Pindas Are Offer To The Ancestors And It Is Follow To Worsihip Lord Vishnu. It Is Messanger From The God Of Death.  Finally Crow Comes To  Eat The Food Then It Is Believe The Ancestors Gain ‘Moksha’.


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