Somnath Means “The Lord Of Soma”.

The SOmnath Temple Is Locate In Prabhas Patan Near Veraval.  In Saurashtra On The Western Coast Of Gujarat. Is Believe To Be The First Among The Twelve Jyotirlinga Shrines Of Shiva. The Reconstruction Was Envision By Vallabhbhai Patel And It Was Complete Under K. M. Munshi. Reconstruct Several Times In The Past After Repeated Destruction By Several Muslim Invaders And Portuguese.  The Present Temple  Reconstruct In Chaulukya Style Of Hindu Temple Architecture And Complete In May 1951.

It Is Say That The Shivalinga In The Somnath Temple Is One Of The 12 Joytirlingas In India. Each Of The 12 Jyotirlingas Takes Name Of Different Expression Of Shiva. In Addition To The One At Somnath, The Others Are At Varanasi, Rameswaram, Dwarka, Etc.

Before Independence, Prabhas Patan’s Rulers Acceded To Pakistan In 1947 And It Was Part Of Princely State Of Junagadh. After India Refuse To Accept His Decision.  The State  Made A Part Of India And Deputy Prime Minister Patel Come To Junagadh On 12 November 1947 To Direct The Stabilization Of The State By The Indian Army And At The Same Time Order The Reconstruction Of The Somnath Temple.

The Ruins Were Obtain In October 1950.  The Mosque Present At That Site Was Shift Few Kilometres Away By Using Construction Vehicles. In May 1951, Rajendra Prasad, The First President Of The Republic Of India. Invited By K M Munshi, Perform The Installation Ceremony For The Temple. The President Said In His Address, “It Is My View That The Reconstruction Of The Somnath Temple Will Be Complete On That Day When Not Only A Magnificent Edifice Will Arise On This Foundation, But The Mansion Of India’s Prosperity Will Be Really That Prosperity Of Which The Ancient Temple Of Somnath Was A Symbol.

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