Unjha :-

UNJHA CITY HISTORY :-  Unjha is a town and in  Mehsana District the Municipality of Unjha is present and it comes in the Indian State of Gujarat. It had a population of male consists of 53%  while the population of female was 47%.  77%  of average literacy rate, higher than the national average of 65%, male has literacy rate is 80% while of female was 73%. Under 6 years of age population is 10%.

Trading business of Jeera you will find at Unjha. Because of the trading business of Jeera, people’s average incoming is high as compared to National average. To  Hindu Goddess Umiya, one temple is dedicate. She is consider as the dynasty of Kavda Patidar community. In the centre of the city, the temple is situate and is a place of pilgrimage. Near bus station there other major temple is Baloj Mata Temple . Dwarkadhishji Temple in the city of Pustimarg Vaishnava which locate in Nava Mahad, near Bramhan Chora. There is also a Kabir Ashram for the followers of Kabir.

Unjha city :-

In the town there is century-old Kunthunath jain Temple. In unjha there are many colleges that are B.B.A. college, teachers training college, law college, There are many wadi’s which  locate in unjha as Unava Desh ni Vadi, Raangpur Samaj Wadi, Raman Wadi, Umiya Desh ni Wadi, sanskarbhavan wadi, Achleshawar Ni Wadi.

Unjha has the biggest spices and old seed market of Asia and one of the biggest regulate markets throughout the India. Traders  From the states like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Saurashtra, come to trade and sell spices and also seeds like cumin seeds, fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds, dill seeds, ajwain seeds, Mustard Seeds, Sesame seeds, Coriander Seeds, etc. and farmers also come to trade. There is one pond, near the centre of the town. US,   Germany, Central America, New Zealand, Portugal, Poland are major importing countries .

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