Visnagar :-

It is a city of Mehsana District in the state of Gujarat, India. On the Auspicious day of “Akhatrij” the town  found and name as Visnagar by the founder king “Visaladeva”. Similarly The present water tank call as “Deliya Talao” is a huge water tank covers area of approx  2,00,000 sq. Metre.

It comes in the geographical area and the town has faced many problems and wars between Visaldeo, babis and Gayakwads with the change in the rulers of Visnagar. Many changes has come arise and fort wall  built with 6 gates. In present you will not find anything to see but at some places remains may be see.

About Visnagar :-

Visnagar it the first city in the North Gujarat to get underground water supply and sewerage system. To make more glory to it, Rialway has come along for the development of the town with Electricity. During the British Rule there were many fighters from Visnagar such as from Teachers, Painters, Drama Artists and writers were also there.

There was Education awareness among the town. Nearly 29 schools out of which two are for girls and seven colleges attract students and people outside the city. Slowly and steadily the city was becoming developed and they got establishment in industrial establishments like submersible pumps, thrashers, diamonds and copper vessels drew attention nationwide.

The city  known as a Copper city as many workers use to make pot from copper. There is a big garden call “Dhosabhai Garden”. This place is also a major commercial centre of Mehsana District. Visnagar is surround by many great places with religious and architectural importance like Ambaji, Mahudi, Patanetc.

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