AKSHARDHAM TEMPLE HISTORY:- Akshardham the temple of Swaminarayan in Gandhinagar is famous all over Gujarat. Basically, India is the most religious place where lord are  pray. It is inspire by Yogiji Swami the fourth spiritual successor of Lord Swaminarayan according to the denomination of Swaminarayan Hinduism. This is create by Pramukh Swami the fifth spiritual successor of Lord Swaminarayan according to the denomination of Hinduism. From Rajasthan, 6,000 tons of pink sandstone were use in the construction of Akshardham Mandir at the centre of  23-acre complex.

About Akshardham:-

The measurement of Akshardham Mandir which measures to 108 feet high, 240 feet long, 131 feet wide. Furthermore, Features like 97 carve pillars, 8 balconies, 17 domes, 264 sculpted figure and 220 stone beams. In Mandir with the accordance of Vedic architectural principles, no steel or iron has been use anywhere.  Mandir’s central chamber houses a seven-foot-tall, gold leafed murti or holly image Swaminarayan who is worship by followers as God. The murti rests upon a three-foot pedestal and weighs 1.2 tons. While, On September 2002 two armed terrorists attack Akshardham and there was the death of 33 people. While With the help National Security Guard two terrorists were kill. A prayer assembly led by Pramukh Swami and   30,000 people attend prayer. Mandir gets re-open just after 14 days of the attack.

Similarly, One of the most popular shows in Akshardham Temple is Sat-Chit-Anand Water Show. It is the magic by the same use of fire, fountain, animations, laser, water screen projection, music and live performance. There organise exhibition functions inside the Mandir that propagate art, science, culture and spirituality. Inside Mandir, there are five big halls for Exhibition purpose. Consequently, This temple is situate at Gandhinagar which is the biggest temple in India. Hence, This place is a major pilgrim place where more people stream to.


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