INDRODA NATURE PARK HISTORY :- This park is establish at 1970. The Park is environmental conservative initative park led by the Forest Department of Gandhinagar. This is locate at the capital city of Gujarat. Park covers total geographical area of 428 hectare, which is cover with dense forestation and rich vegetation. Since its establishment, it has come forward to become the best man-made forest and delightful tourist attraction of the city.

About Indroda Nature Park :-

The nature park is divide into many sections. Which dedicate to different varities of Flora and Fauna. Still you can see birds, animals and reptiles in this conservative nature park. There are interesting sections like Dinosaur and fossils part. In Fossils section which displays bones, eggs and other precious fossils relate to this extinct animal. Indroda Nature Park also has a Plant Section and Botanical Garden, where a large number of indigenous trees, ornamental exotic flora, succulent plants and medicinal herbs are plant and preserve.

This is run by the Gujarat Ecological Education and Research Foundation (GEER). The park is the second largest hatchery of Dinosaur eggs. And this is only the Dinosaur museum in the country. Park consists of Zoo, Skeleton of sae mammals like blue whale, as well as vast botanical garden. Park also has a facilities of interpretation centre and camping facilities.

The park is divide between two parts on the bank of river Sabarmati. The western part is known as Indroda Nature Park and the eastern part of the river Sabarmati is known as Wilderness Park. This place is very beautiful to check out the wild life. Best place for to take peaceful mind with awesome trees and location. Entrance fees to visit at Park is rs. 10 or 20. It will cost you rs. 20 for car parking.

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