DASHAMA VRAT 2018: vrat is observe on the first day of Gujarat Shravan month to the tenth day. There is a story of king behind this vrat. The palace of the king was on the outskirts of the village. The whole village could be seen easily from the palace.


Once queen saw a woman worshipping Dasha maa. She sent her dasi to know the details about it. After knowing the importance the queen also decide to perform the rituals. After knowing all this the king got angry. He said that she is the goddess of poor people, so she could not worship her. As they were rich he didn’t allow the queen to perform the rituals.


As he insults Dasha ma, he got punish after some years. The king’s family became poor & wherever he went all things became stones. He was also sent to jail. Then he realises his mistake that he insult goddess dasha, therefore, he got punishment.


The vrat is observe for 10 days. Dashama vrat is observe especially in Gujarat. Idols of dashama are worshipped by the women who observes the fast for ten days. The date for the vrat in the upcoming year is as below:-


2018:12th August to 21st August

2019:2nd August to 11th August

2020:21st July to 30st July

2021:9th August to 18th July

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