This vrat is observe by women. This vrat is celebrate on the no moon day (Amavasya) of ashadh month. Fast is oberve on this day. A women keeps this fast for the health of kids & husband. Women worship lord for the well being of the family. The story after this vrat is:


There was a Brahmin. His wife was too religious. They use to worship Lord Shiva. Despite of this, they did not have any children. But Lord Shiva gave a boon with a condition. He gave a son as boon & kept a condition. The condition was either they can educate him or get marry him. They decide to give education to their child. After few years, the kid became very efficient & handsome. His parents decide to get marry him.


On the marriage day, when they were returning heavy rain starts. He thought he could walk & reach home. But as he starts walking a poisonous snake bites him. He died there. his wife took him to the nearest temple. she took him to room & jaya mata got angry on her. As she took a dead person to the temple.

jaya mata, vijaya mata, evrat mata & jivrat mata

She begs for her husband. As jaya mata left, her husband’s right leg thumb moved. As like this as vijaya mata, evrat Mata & jivrat Mata passes his body parts starts moving. His parents also became happy after hearing this that their son was alive.


She was carrying a child after a year. But at one night Jaya Mata appears & demands to give her son to mata. As she had promise, she gave her son to mata. Same happen again with vijaya mata, evrat mata & jivrat mata. At last all stay awake & saw the truth. All the people were happy to see all 4 mata. After this she observes evrat jivrat vrat every year. She went to the temple & worships all 4 goddesses. She made lunch for them


After having lunch, she came with her daughter to see off goddess. She pinched her daughter 7 she start crying so mata ask that why she is crying. So the mother replied that all girls have brother but she doesn’t therefore she is crying. Hearing this all goddess return her sons to her.


Therefore, this vrat is observe for husband & children.

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