Koteshwar Mahadev Mandir :- Information About Koteshwar Temple Kutch Gujarat



Koteshwar Mahadev Mandir :- Koteshwar is a small village and situate near the mouth of Kori Creek, in the west of Kutch District of Gujarat, India. And it is at the location of an ancient Shiva Temple.


These days this temple is connect with the Roads. Koteshwar Shiva is call to be the Bhairava of Hinglaj Mata residing at Hinglaj. The devotees are therefore recommend to visit Koteshwar after they have visit Hinglaj Mata.

Koteshwar means “ ten million gods “. The courtyard is surround by a battlement wall arm formerly with three small guns. The porch has 3 domes with under the central dome, a large beautiful brass full present by Rao Deshaji.

It is 215 km from Bhuj, district connectivity of Kutch and only 4 km from Narayan Sarovar. By various rules of Kutch the temple has rehabilitate and renovate over many centuries.

In 1820, by two seths a writing on the left side of the gate shows that the present fort and temple were build.

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