NAVLAKHA TEMPLE GHUMLI: Navlakha temple is present in ghumli of Gujarat. It is a temple of 12th Century. The temple was build by the jethwa rulers. It is dedicate to Lord Sun. It is the oldest sun temple of Gujarat. The expense behind the temple was nine lacs, so it is popular as navlakha temple. The temple has the largest base in Gujarat. The measure is approximately  45.72 x 30.48 m. Many devotees visit here. Entrance of the temple facing east. The entrance is also famous as kirti toran.


Kirti toran does’nt exist now. The sanctum is over with the pradakshina path of the temple. There are also 3 Shringar chokis which is the main attraction of the temple. Sculptures are also found in the temple. The atmosphere of the temple is very peaceful & serene. Two stories entrance are present in the temple. There are 8 pillars present in the temple for support. Two elephants fighting are also present at the back of the temple.


A temple dedicate to Lord Ganesh is also present outside the temple. the architecture is of solanki style & maru gurjara style. The temple would be develop by Archaeological Survey of India. After the rehabilitation the temple would become the main attraction for the tourisms.

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