Nishkalank mahadev mandir is present in the koliyak village of Bhavnagar district of Gujarat. Thousands of people visit the temple. the morning aarti is the main attraction of the temple. the aarti times are 7:00 am in the morning & 6:30 pm at evening. Lord Shiva’s idol is present as Nishkalank Mahadev.


It is 2 km in the east of the koliyak village. A lake is also present which is famous as Pandavas Pond. When there are high tides only the pillar & flag could be viewable. As Pandavas kill the kauravas & experiencing grief they met Lord Krishna. under the guidance of Lord Krishna they follow the cow & reach Koliyak beach. There the color of the coe & flag change to white.


There they place the flag & start doing penance. As they start doing penance each shivlinga appear in front of each brother. There are total 5 lingas. Pandavas eastblish nishkalank mahadev in the bhadarva month. The annual fair is famous as “Bhadarvi”. Each lingam has a nandhi facing it. They are present in the square platform. It is worship only after washing hands & legs from the pond. By ashes of the cremate people immerse in this water, get moksha ( salvation ) easily.


Many people visit this palce. The atmosphere is very serene & peaceful. The temple is just about 2000 ft long and 500 ft height. People wait patiently for the low tides & worship Lord Shiva.

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