RANCHODRAIJI TEMPLE DAKOR: Danknath temple is very famous as the famous temple at dakor. Danknath temple is the temple of lord Shiva. The temple then develop in ranchhodrai Ji temple. the temple was build in 1772 AD. This place is very popular as the pilgrimage. the temple is build by Shri Gopalrao Jagannath Tambwekar. This place is also a trading centre for the articles for pooja & other small rituals. The expense made to build the temple was one lakh rupees.


The height of the temple is 168 feet by 151 feet. There are 12 stone steps on each side. The main gate is facing towards to banks of gomati. Dakor’s surroundings were cover with the dense jungle as “hidamba”. The saints use to visit there for meditation & peace. The place was overwhelm with the flora & fauna. Dank rishi made a hermitage & perform penance. Lord Shiva was please with him & gave a wish to demand something. He made a demand that lord Shiva remains permanently in the Hermitage. Therefore, Lord Shiva disappeared & left his linga there. that linga is known as Danknath Mahadev. Therefore the place is known as “Dakor”. The place is also famous as khakhariya as there were many Palash trees.


The structure of the temple is of medieval gujarati architecture. The temple is a multi-storied. There idol of lord shree Krishna is very adorning. Various facilities are arranged for lord’s comfort like bed, mattresses & blankets.



27/07/ 2018


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