SHAMLAJI TEMPLE DARSHAN TIME: Shamlaji temple is also famous as shamlaji no medo. It is a hindu pilgrimage place. Many devotees visit here for darshan & fair. The temple is present in the Aravalli district of Gujarat. It is dedicate to Lord Krishna or Lord Vishnu.


The temple is present on the meshvo river banks. The place is surround by the Hilly forest areas. It was build in 11th Century. The renovation of the temple was done almost 500 years ago. White silk falg is flit on the top of the temple. therefore, it is also famous as Dholi Dhajawala.


The temple building is of two storeys. The temple has a wall surrounding it & a gate. There are also the scenes of Mahabharat  carve on the walls. Many animals & gargoyles are also figure on the roof of the temple. There are also many other temples nearby this temple. A fair is also organise annually. The fair is organise on Kartik Sud 15th. During the fair, Silver ornaments, metalwares, clothes and household items are sold.


The temple is around 20 km from Bhiloda. It is 29 km from Modasa. Railway station is around 14 km from the shamlaji road. Many devotees visit here to attend the annual fair. People visit here with their friends & families. A theme base garden is also develop which is maintain by the Forest department. Devni Mori is 2 km from shamlaji.

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