SHANKESHWAR PARSHWANATH TIRTH: Shankheshwar temple is dedicate to parshwanath. The temple is present in the Patan district, Gujarat. It is a very important place for the jains. This place was also name as shankhapur. The temple was build by Sajjan Shah, in 1155 VE. It is present on the banks of the river Rupen.


There were 52 idols in the temple. the renovation of the temple was made by Vastupal Tejpal. In 14th century muslims destroy the temple. the temple was reconstruct & idol was reinstall. Two assembly halls are also present. Bhidbhanjan Parshvanath temple is also present in the right of the main idol. Small temple of ajitnath is also present in the left of the main temple.


Dharanendra, Padmavati, Parshva and Chakreshwari idols are also present here. The main idol is of Mulnayak. The idol is 182cm high. The idol is of white color. Idol is in the Padmasana posture. Festivals like Posh Dashami, Mahavir Jayanti, Diwali are celebrate.


Pavapuri Jalmandir at Ratanpura is also present 4 km away. Shruth tirth is also present which is 2 km away. Many devotees visit here.  People visit here with their family & friends.

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