SHITALA SAATAM VRAT 2019: Shitala satam vrat is a festival commomerate in Gujarat which comes after randhan chhath and comes in the Gujarati month in Shravan vad satam or day of seven. Shitala satam vrat is observe in the month of sravan on the seventh say of the dark fortnight. After having a bath with cold water, puja of shitala satam performed. During the whole day cold meal is eaten.


Donkey is an animal os shitadamata which is written in skand purna. Shitalamata holds broom in her one hand and a Kalash (container of water) in her another hand. Shitalamata is a goddess of chicken pox and measles. She is worship for the welfare for children to escape from chicken pox and measles.


One whi can afford it can make a golden image of shitaladevi together with the donkey on eight-petalled lotus and join palm and say ”my pranam to shitaladevi”.


Mother performs this puja with great prayers and it is belief that with the blessings of shitalamata, family and children can serve from diseases like chicken pox, measles, etc.


In ancient days, hastinapur was rule by the king indralumna and his wife was pramila who love to perform all religious  functions with complete rituals. They had  a son named mahadharma and a daughter name shubhakaari. Daughter shubhakaari was give in a marriage to son gunvaan of king sumati who rule kaundinyanagar.


After a year, king gunvaan went to his in-laws house to fetch his wife. His father in-law said to king gunvaan to stay over because on thew next day there were the ceremony of shitakla satam. Princess set on chariot and stepped ahead to reach at the lake. Unfortunately, she and her friends took  a wrong turn and started walking by foots. Princess saw one old lady coming towards her and princess asked for the way towards lake. Old lady took them to the lake and that old lady was herself a shitalamata.


She was please by the princess and asked for a wish. Princess shubhakaari said she will ask for a wish when the need will arise. After reach to  the place where they were to meet to brahim and friends. Princess heard voice of crying of brahmin’s wife. She saw that brahmin’s husband is lying dead. By seeing this princess went to the river and took a bath with cold water and with devotion and faith prayed to goddess shitalamata and shitalamata gave rebirth to brahmin’s wife. Everyone was happily shouting and due to this it is saying that shitalamata save children topox and measles.

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