SWAMINARAYAN TEMPLE SARANGPUR: It is the village of botad district of Gujarat. It is also famous as salangpur. The village is famous for the Swaminarayan temple & kashtbhanjan hanuman temple. BAPS Shri Swaminarayan shikharbaddha mandir was build in 1916. The temple was build by shashtri Yagnapurushdas. This Swaminarayan temple is the second highest temple of Gujarat. The height of the temple is 108 feet. The temple is also famous as the headquarters of the saints.


Many devotees visit here daily. The temple is present at Kundal which is in the east of sarangpur. The temple is 10 km away from sarangpur. The atmosphere of the temple is very peaceful & serene. The atmosphere & natural beauty around the temple is very beautiful.


Many devotees visit here daily. It is the main attraction of the people visiting the sarangpur village. The temple complex is build in 32 acres. Likewise, Shashtriji Maharaj proposes to build a small hari mandir for the stay of all the saints. It was a challenging task to acquire land from the limbdi region. Thus, after many efforts, the temple was build.

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