Teej Is A Similar Name For Number Of Festivals In Nepal And Some Parts Of India. These Teej Festivals Are Celebrate By Women In The Month Of Shravan For Welcoming Monsoon Season. Women Also Use To Pray Goddess Parvati For The Welfare Of Family And Herself. Teej Is Celebrate By The Young Girls And Women By Singing, Dancing And Praying.


Teej Means “Third” i.e. The Third Day Which Falls In Every Month. Mainly There Are Three Types Of Teej. Women Also Apply Henna On Their Hands For This Festivals. There Are Three Types Of Teej:-


Haryali Teej.

Kajari Teej.

Hartalika Teej.

1.Haryali Teej :

Haryali Teej Is Celebrate On The Third Day Of The Shravan Month. Hariyali Teej Is Also Known As “Green Teej”. The Festival Is Also Celebrate For The Union Of Goddess Parvati And Lord Shiva As Lord Shiva Accepts Goddess Parvati As His Wife. Mainly This Festival Is Celebrate In Punjab And Rajasthan.  In Rajasthan The Sweet Name Ghevar Is Also Associate With This Festival.


2.Kajari Teej ( Boorhi Teej, Kajali Teej ) :

Kajari Teej Is Celebrate In The Lunar Month Of Bhadrapud In The North India. Kajari Teej Is Also Call As “Boorhi Teej” And “Kajali Teej”.Women Also Worship Neem Tree. In Rajasthan Kajari Is Call As “Badi Teej” And Haryali Teej Is Famous  As “Chhoti Teej”. Women Go To Their Parent’s Home And Celebrate Kajari Teej There. Women Who Keep Fast And Do Not Drink Water.


3.Hartalika Teej :

The Word Hartalika Which Means “Pull Away” And “ Female Friend”. Goddess Parvati  Is Force To Marry Lord Vishnu By Her Father At The Suggestion Of Narada. As Goddess Parvati Is Not Ready For This Marriage She Said About It To Her Friend And She Pulls Goddess Parvati Into The Thick Forest So The Marriage Is Avoided Which Is Against The Wish Of Goddess Parvati. Than By Praying To Lord Shiva She Gets Married With Him. So, This Festival Is Celebrate. It Is Celebrate In Bihar, Rajasthan, UP, Etc.

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