Lord Vishnu And Goddess Tulsi Gets Married On The Day Of Tulsi Vivah. Goddess Tulsi Is Also A Type Of Goddess Lakshmi. As Per The Hindu Calendar, Tulsi Vivaah Is Celebrate On The Dwadashi Of The Shukla Paksha During The Month Of Kartik.


Between The Prabodhini Ekadashi To The Kartik Poornima, Tulsi Vivaah Can Be Observe. In Some Places It Is Observe That People Celebrate This Festival For Five Days. Tulsi Vivaah Marks The End Of Monsoon Season And The Wedding Season Gets Start After Completion Of Tulsi Vivaah.From One Region To Other Region The Actual Day Of Tulsi Vivaah May Differ.


Tulsi Vivaa Is Generally Observe By Married Women For Well Being Of Their Husband. It Also Observe By Young Women And Unmarried Women For Seek Of To Get A Good Husband. Plant Tulsi Is Herself Born As “Vrinda” Earlier. The Plant Tulsi Is Consider By The Hindus. The Rituals Of Wedding Of Lord Krishna And Tulsi Resembles As Hindu Wedding. The Performer Of Tulsi Vivaah Must Keep Fast Till Evening.


On A Blank Paper, A Face Is Draw Which Attach To Tulsi Plant, Nose-Ring And Bindi Are Also Attach. Vermilion Powder And Turmeric Powder Is Also Apply To Plant Tulsi.


Attractive Rangoli Is Made Surrounding Tulsi Plant And Sugarcane Sticks Are Place Besides The Plant Of Tulsi. The Groom Is Represent As A Brass Idol Or The Picture Of Lord Vishnu. The Shaligram Stone Is Use For The Puja. In Dhoti, Lord Krishna/Vishnu Are Cover.


A Special Vegetarian Food Is Prepare And Specially Kheer. To Link The Couple Together There Use A Yellow Thread. Widows Are Not Allow To Participate In The Tulsi Vivaah. After The Vivaah, Tulsi Aarti Is Sung And Bhog Is Eaten Between Family Members And Guests. The Person Who Observe Tulsi Vivaah Should Also Eat Tulsi Leaf Which Is Symbolic Of Goddess Tulsi Entering Into Devotee’s Body.

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