King Mahabali The Great Grand Son Of Hiranykshipu Came To Power After Subjugating All Gods An Took All The Three Worlds. The Gods Who Have Defeat Went To Lord Vishnu For Complaining But Lord Vishnu Refused To Make Any Violence Against The King Mahabali As He Was A Best Ruler And Devotee Of The Lord Vishnu, Instead Lord Vishnu To Take A Test Of His Devotee An His Devotion. As The King Mahabali  Declared About The Yajnas At His Victory With Gods. The Vaman Visit The King And Requested For The Land Of “Three Paces”. The King Was Ready To Give Him Cows, Elephants, Villages Etc. But Vaman Only Wanted The Three Paces Of Land. The King Mahabali Agreed About It And Lord Vishnu In His Avatar Cover Heaven In First Pace And Netherland In His Second Pace And King Offered His Head In The Third Pace.


It Have Been Describe In The Bhagavata Purana About The Vaman Avatar And Vaman And Mahabali Story. The Story Is Like Lord Vishnu Takes The Avatar Of A Dwarf Brahmin. Vaman Always Used To Carry A Wooden Umbrella With Him. Lord Vishnu Took The Avatar To Rehabilitate The Authority Of Indra Over The Heavens. The Authority Was Take By The King Mahabali. Mahabali Was The Grand Son Of Prahlada And The Great Grand Son Of Hiranykshipu And The Son Od Virochana. The Dwarf Brahmin Vaman Went To Request The King For Some Land Which Could Set His Three Foot Paces. Against The Warning The His Guru Shukracharya He Sanctioned The Land For The Pace Of Three Foot As He Saw The Limitations Of The Three Foot.


After That Lord Vishnu Got Enlarged And Stepped From Heaven To Earth In The First Step And Than Stepped From Earth Towards The Netherlands In His Second Pace. As The King Mahabali Was Unable To Keep His Promise He Than Offered His Head To Vaman. Than Due To His Modesty Lord Vishnu Gave Him Imperishability. He Also Got The Permission To Come And See His Citizens. The Festivals Onam And Diwali Is Also A Bit Related To The Return Of The King Mahabali. The King Returns In The Month Of August And September To Visit The Earth. Vaman In His Giant Form Is Also Known As Trivikrama.


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