Vat Savitri Amavasya Vrat Is Also Popular  As Vat Amavasya. This Festival Is Celebrate By Married Women In North India. Rituals Which Is Perform By Married Women Is To Fasting That Day And Do Prayer Of Banyan Tree. This Vrat Is Perform By Women For Prosperity And Happiness Of Their Husbands And To Get A Good Family Life.


Vat Savitri Amavasya Vrat Is A Core Of The Beautiful Story Savitri Which Is Mention In Mahabharat. This Pooja In North India, Celebrated On The Jyeshta Amavasi Day.


On The Auspicious Day Of Vat Savitri Women Ties Up A Red And A Orange Thread Around Banyan Tree To Get A Same Husband Through All Of Their Lives. On This Day Women Offer Sweets And Fruits In Bamboo Baskets To Saints.


This Auspicious Occasion Women Required To Wear Saree Along With Heavy Jewellery To Participate In Vat Poornimar Function. Women Water The Banyan Tree And Tie A Thread Around Banyan Tree.




Women Listen To Storie Tale Behind The Vat Poormina. God Of Death Yama Make A Move On Savitri’s Husband And Asked For The Her Husband’s Soul. By Looking This Devotion Of Her Towards His Husband, Yama Granted Blessing Where Is Has Asked For Being Well Of Her In-Laws Family. Yama Then Started His Way Ahead With Savitri’s Husband Soul And Savitri Followed Him, He Granted Again A Blessing Where She Has Asked For Being Well Of Her Parents. When Yama ReachTill His Gate Along With His Soul, Yama Saw That Savitri Is Still Determined Not To Go Back. On Seeing This, He Gave Her  3rd  Blessing In Which She Asked For A Son.


While, Savitri Told That How Would That Be Possible Without Her Husband To Have A Child, By Seeing Into This Unassailable Reason Savitri Went With Her Husband Back To Earth.

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