PUBG PC Updates :- New Weapon, Vehicle, Rewards System & Training Mode


PUBG PC Updates: The pubg game will have updates. It would include updates like new weapons, new vehicle etc. The training mode will be update with 2*2 km map. It will support for 5-20 players. A new weapon ‘MK47 mutant’ will be in the addition. The new vehicle rickshaw like “Tukshai” will also be in the update version.


The developer shows that it has placement of the shooting ranges, parachute practice area, throwables range, melee range, parkour area, close quarters combat (CQC) course, vehicle tracks, water surfaces, and equipment table.


‘MK47 mutant’ is the assault riffle weapon. There are 20 round which can be update to 30. There are 2 modes for firing:-

  1. single-shot
  2. two-round burst


the new vehicle “tukshai” will be available to the Sanhok map. Similarly the bug would also be fix soon. User will get “supply system” as reward for completing missions.

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