Tallest Statue In The World :- Statue Of Unity Inauguration On 31st October, 2018


Tallest Statue In The World :- Sardar vallabhbhai patel is an Indian independence movement leader. The statue of unity is dedicate to to Sardar vallabh bhai patel. Its a monument located in Gujarat, India. The monument is facing towards the narmada dam. It is design by Ram V. Sutar. The material used for building it is Steel framing, reinforced concrete & bronze cladding.


Furthermore, the height of statue is 182 metres. The base of the monument is 240 metres. One will be able to see the sardar sarovar dam and its 200km reservoir from the gallery of monument. Similarly, 3.5 km highway will be built to connect the statue of unity. It will be build in sadhu island to kevadia town in Gujarat.


Most noteworthy, Shrestha bharat bhavan is to be build. It would be 128-key and 3-star hotel facility which is attach to the statue of unity. Its the world’s tallest statue. It could accommodate 200 visitors at a time. It offers the best view of dam from the gallery. After building the statue of unity 15000 direct jobs will be generate.


After all, the statue will be able to withstand wind velocity upto 60m/sec, vibration and earthquake. 278 Crores are spent after the building of statue of unity. The visiting charges are 350rs. The inauguration is organise on 31st October, 2018.

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