ATUL PUROHIT :- Information About Atul Purohit A Gujarati Singer



Atul Purohit is a classical Singer and is most famous as a Gujarati Folk ( Garba ) Singer. Atul is also very famous for Sunderkand  and devotional songs. People love him for his bejewelled talents and melodious songs like “Tara Vina Shayam”  and “ Vhalamni Vaat Kai “.


He was born in a small village called Dholar near Dabhoi on 27th February in 1957. Since his childhood, he has loved singing  and music in general ever. His Genres includes Garba, Sugam Sangeet, Bhajans and his Influences are Folk, Hindustani classical, Sugamsangeet, Bhajan and Sufi. He got his first harmonium at the young age of 10 years and started learning by himself.

Below there are famous songs of Atul Purohit :-

  • Lumbe Zumbe
  • Saybo Maro
  • Haiye Rakhi Hom
  • Radha Rupadi
  • Zeri Kalotaro Dankhe
  • Ali Rasmani
  • Megh Aav Megh Aav
  • Gomne Kuve
  • Fagan Farmato Ayo
  • Dan Ugyo
  • Suna Sarvariyani Pale
  • Varyo Nati Toye
  • Ma Taro Garbo
  • Ekvar Jet Par
  • Panjarma Popat

Above all were the famous songs of Atul Purohit. He is alsi a famous singer. Similarly he is also an good speaker. Therefore people love to hear him. Almost his songs are very popular. Finally he is a good singer. Even more songs he has of his own.

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