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It is In Western India, Is The Largest City In The State Of Gujarat. It  Is Also Known As Amdabad. Its Located On The Bank Of Sabarmati River. There Is A Significant Collection Of Antique And Modern Fabrics Of Cloth Merchant’s Mansion Across The River.

It Is The Largest City Of Indian State And A Former Capital Of Indian State.  In 2011 The Population Was Of 56,33,927 Makes The Most Popular City In India.

Ahmedabad City:-

It Is The Most Important Cities Of Gujarat. In 14th Century It Came Uner Control Of Delhi Sultanate And Thereafter Under Zafar Khan Muzzafar And He Established His Independent From Delhi Sultanate And Named Himself As Sultan Of Gujarat As Muzaffar  Shah. Then This Area Came Under Control Of His Grand Son Ahmed Shah And Ahmed Shah Had Laid The Foundation Of The City On 26th February 1411 At Manek Burj.