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Its is a town and it is a town of historic place. Is away 40 km from the india’s  biggest port which is kandala port. It is claim to be the oldest town in kutch.

It is belief  that the pioneers of anjar was start by warrior ajay pal a brother of king ajmer, rajasthan. Slowly and gradually anjar became a centre of trade and commerce.  Ajay pal died due to war and then he was prayed and worship as a saint due to his sacrifice and protect the town.

Near by areas to anjar are famous and are export to outside of india and anjar is famous for its ethnic wear, clothes,  handicrafts and metal-crafts.

Many people from anjar town come from different backgrounds and live their lives with the great experience. In the town, people celebrate all different festivals like navratri, raam navami, hindola mahotsav, diwali, eid etc

There are most famous schools of anjar which spreads education  are sahyog saraswati madhyamik vidhya mandir, twinkle star English and gujarati medium school, swami Vivekananda  school, smt. K.G.manek school etc.

Meghaji seth of town took a leadership and great role of it and in anjar we can find a statue a meghaji seth and temple in tuna  of anajr town.

Anjar is very famous for its food. “Dabeli” is very famous of anjar. Kesar keri is also very famous of anjar. Kharek also took a phenomenon place of its taste. There local people love to drink buttermilk which known as “chhash”. Other local famous food are kutchi pakwan, kutchi khaja, pedas, farsan and pedha.

The town has strong trade and social links with neighbouring Adipur, bhuj, gandhidham.

Tourist attraction:

Madhavrai temple

Bhareswar mahadev mandir

Jesal toral Samadhi

Ajaypal temple

Holy shrine of pinjora pir

Ajepal’s monastery

Swaminarayan’s temple

Bhid bhajan mahadev temple