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CITY HISTORY  : It is the cleanest city in Asia. It is situate at the western bank of river Sabarmati river. After Chandigarh & is the second planned city. It has in total 30 organise sectors and are pedestrian friendly and self-contained.

It is people orient place where citizen can settle down easily with family or friends. There are many places at  to visit with family and friends. There are parks, monuments, Sarita udyan, Swaminarayan temple, indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park, Rani Roopmati’s Mosque and Capital Complex.

People who have visit here, they never fail to visit at Akshardham temple which is built of beautiful pink stone and beautiful carving around.  Every age of group can find their place to visit. It the place which arouses the interest to visit at the different place to visit. Kids their take a visit to Fossil Park and Indroda Dinasour. you can visit here with freinds & relatives.