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Porbandar : In The Indian State Of Gujarat Is A Coastal City. The Remainings Of Late Harappan Settlement Dating Back To 16th – 14th Century Bc Which Is Similar To That From Bet Dwarka.

On The Saurashtra Coast There Is Authentication To Suggest That The Harappan Of Maritime Activity Continues Till The Late Harappan Period. As Per The Indian Mythology It Is The Birth Place Of Sudama Therefore Refer As Sudamapuri Or Sudaamapuri.

It Was The Seat Of Nominative Princely State N British India. In The Ancient Times Porbandar Also Known As Pao Bandar. Due To Its Bread Factories That Used To Export Across The Arabian Sea. In The Casual Language We Can Also Call It Porebandar.

Since Atleast The Mid 16th Century The State Belonged To The Jethva Clan Of Rajputs. In The Later Of The 18th Century The State Subordinate To The Mughal Governor Of Gujarat Until Being Overrun By The Marathas. Than, They Come Under The Authority Of The Gaekwad Court At Baroda And Eventually Of The Peshwa.