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It is the 4th largest city in the state of Gujarat. First comes ahmedabad then surat then vadodara andt then comes  at 4th position. Its the eighteen cleaned city of india and 22nd fastest growing city in the world. There are administrative headquarters of Rajkot city. Rajkot is the capital city of saurashtra state.


This city has had been under with so many different rules and regulations. It is the 26th largest city in india and 22nd fastest growing city. For Mohandas karamchand Gandhi, Rajkot was a home place. This place the climate tempretaure  like summer, winter and monsoon. If it consumes rain of 590 mm then the atmosphere will be mild in November to February.


There is an important phenomenon about whether that is associated with the cyclones. Generally, it happens in the rainy season but wind blows here in Rajkot during rainy season and thunderstorms are another important climate which comes in the month of june or july. The climate in here satys normal in every season. Here people don’t need to face the problem during any season. People enjoy every climate in here as it stays normal is every season.


Gujarati people can seen here more. Mostly the crowd are predominantly are vegetarian and against the hunting. People tend to wear gold jewellery and long pendant chain and long jewellery. Women wear saree and man will be seen in kurta and pajama. According ti the festival they change their dressing and jewellery accordingly.