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Gujarati Calendar

Gujarati Calendar : A calendar is a system which shows the particular date & day. Various festival are also display in the calendar. Religious festivals and all official holidays are also list in the calendar. Days, weeks, months & years information is also available. The calendar is also the record on the hard copy which helps us in scheduling. The word “calendar” is driven from the word  “calandae” which refers to calling. The modern calendar is the Gregorian calendar. Gregorian calendar was introduce in 1582.


The calendar reforms proposals were also founf like  World Calendar, International Fixed Calendar, Holocene calendar, and recently, the Hanke-Henry Permanent Calendar. Calendar 2018, calendar 2019 with various holidays and official holidays for the festival are available easily. Panchang topics and various details are also present in the calendar. Hindu calendar 2018 & hindu calendar 2019 could also be available easily. Various details of week, days, months, years are also present here.