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Real Estate:

Real estate means buying & selling of a particular place. It shows the new live news for the buying & selling. Houses, offices, agricultural or non-agricultural land etc could be sell or buy easily. One can easily find all the information here. Similarly, is also very helpful to obtain the knowledge of real estate.


One must have all the information of buying & selling a house, office & bungalows etc. The property is sell to the person & he also gets rewards for it. Lawns, chawls etc could also be sell. Bungalows, villas could also be buy & sell easily. The structure of the place could be for small family, big family or a single person.


Mainly there are 7 to 8 categories:-

  1. Apartment
  2. Terraced house
  3. Semi-detached
  4. Tents
  5. Houseboats
  6. residential caravans
  7. Villas
  8. Havelis etc


The prize is decided on the basis of the square meters of the place. The houses for selling & buying are of 1BHK, 2BHK, & 3BHK etc.