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It has led us to much progressive lives. Human work decreases sue to new technologies taking place. The accounting system are also became easy due to update in the softwares. Tasks could be easily completed in time with the help of technology. Mailing system have more benefits are it connects people with everyone. It saves our time and reduces the man work. Education system are also improving very much. People are doing marketing on internet and increase the profit.


It has made our lives easier. Driverless cars are also one example of technology. But is technology a boon or a curse?? Besides profit, there are also some negative points about it. Technologies like easy water purification, eliodomestico, AIDFI RAM pump, enviroo loo etc are develop. GRIS water saving technology, IBEKA are very popular. Technologies in mobile phones and laptops are also getting high. Lazer gun has also been introducing by China. Thus, it has made our lives easier.