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Temples: A Mandir is an Holy place which is made for the religious people. It is reserve for religious or spiritual rituals and activities such as prayer and sacrifice. Hindu religious places are familier with many names such as Alayam, Mandir, Mandira, Koil, Raul, Deva Mandiraya, Degul, Devalaya, Kovil, etc.


In Gujarat there are several temple locate. There comes many temples of different different Gods. As every people has their God to pray for. Over here you will get each and every information of every temple such Jadeshwar, Badrinath Temple, Siddhivinayak Ganeshpram, Jagannath Temple of Ahmedabad, Ramdevpir Temple, etc.


Of each holy places you will get information about Temple’s history, timings, which place is dedicate to which God, etc.  Of different – different cities you will find many temples. Temples are the place where people worship God. People find this place as peaceful place. Temple is the holy place, here people can remove their frustration in front of God.