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Politics :

It means the affairs of the city. It means to make a decision that applies to members of a group. In modern nation people have form their political parties to take decision and other people agrees on the same decision.

It has many several forms such as states, non-governmental organisation (NGO’s) and international organisations such as united nations. The political party is such an organisation where politicians grab the response of people to be in their party. There are many political parties like Congress, Bharatiya Janta party, alliance party, agrarian party etc.

Every single party can disclose their goals towards the states and support each and every citizen. It is a framework of ideas which defines acceptable . all news are include. political news of Gujarat is shown. gujarat political affairs, current news, breaking politics news etc are shown. it also shows gujarat political news of the all cities of gujarat.

It also include political parties news of the Gujarat. All the cities news are also show.